Fine Bridal Rosary Necklace Bracelet - Swarovski Crystal Rhodium Plated


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For those Brides Looking for a Dainty and Smaller beaded Rosary, this Rosary Bead Necklace that can be worn as a bracelet is the one for you. Perfect as Bridal Rosary Bracelet that can be passed onto the next generation, but also make a great gift for Holy Communions and Christenings. Each Hail Mary is an elegant 4mm bead size and the Our Father is 5mm Swarovski Crystal Clear bead and the metal is plated in Rhodium. Attached is a metal Cross but you can choose to add the very and deleicate Swarovski Crystal Cross as seen in picture two. Pair back effortlessly with Ronza George Earrings and hair accessories.

Swarovski Element Colours - 4mm Crystal Clear, Rhodium plated.

This is a proper prayer bead Rosary that you can prayer with. It has special clasps to be worn comfortably around the your wrist and can wrap 3 times depending on the wrist size.

Our pieces are designed and handmade in our studio in Sydney, Australia. We provide a customisation service so please get in touch if you require a specific colour combination. 

Also available in; One strand Rosary Bracelet, Two Wrap Rosary Bracelet and Full Rosary Necklace/Bracelet in 6mm bead size. 

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